Augh! Must blog before work day is over because I will go directly from work to car to Pittsburgh with husband. I will not have access to internet so this is my shot! Augh! Nablopomo will not dance victoriously over me to "Eye of the Tiger"! Cannot, mustnot, willnot happen!

What to blog about? Ummm, foreign relations? Ummm, Rachel Ray? Ummm, Bradgelina? Ummmm, thanksgiving. Yes, have a fantastic turkey day. This will be my first one without my mom & dad & freakishly close (in a good way) family friends, The Thompsons. I will miss Spinach madeline and mammaw B's dressing. However, bright side- will enjoy chilli and Cowboys game and good times with fantastic in-laws. Wipe away those tears, child!

So, I'm thankful. Hope you are too. Have a joyous holiday!


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