el grupo de las mujeres

I had girls' group last night, whoop whoop! (I hope you know what sound effect I was aiming for as I wrote those noises- kind of like the raise the roof noise, ok?) It was fantastic and I love spending time with those girls and enjoying life. By the way, fiction below is not about girls' group, is in fact, just fiction.

Adam had a whale of a test today and is going to need some relax time this weekend. We are discussing putting up the Christmas tree, even though my mother would be appalled (Camille, we are not putting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving!) Oh, the cardinal Conville rules. But if Starbucks has their Christmas decorations up, then I feel justified, by golly! I mean, Lowe's and Target have had Christmas stuff up since the beginning of October, so I don't trust them. But Fivebucks, I mean Starbucks? Yes.

Currently, I'm wearing purple sweater which reminds me of Elf when he says "I like your suit, its very purple-y". That would be a good movie to have on during Texas-Christmas tree decorating- great soundtrack. Yes, our Christmas tree is a Texas tree.

The stars at night...


Lora said...

The group of the women-how about my Spanish?? Camille, Camille, Camille it's still 2 weeks to Thanksgiving! Your only redemption is your holiday travels. What would Mammaw say???

Cynthia said...

Elf, I love that movie. I watch it almost everyday during the Christmas holidays! Here's a blurb from my Starbucks cup today (not verbatim):

I think we should bring back the bear hug. Since it's winter, we should call it the polar bear hug.

I think I may start posting some of these on my blog. If they're good enough for Starbucks cups, they're good enough for the bloggy!