iphones. I mean, I think the new iphones are cool and all with their billions of features, but I don't really think that I would ever use them to a fraction of their capabilities. I'm not often waiting in a restaurant to meet my boss's new fiance, whose name I cannot remember until I look it up on their wedding webpage (reference to commercial).

Not too mention the fact that I have a horrible track record with cell phones, losing, breaking, setting on top of cars that drive away, etc. and so forth. Also, not too mention the other fact that I currently am only using my mother-in-law's former phone that she graciously handed down after the antenna came off my phone and I couldn't get reception anymore (It matches Adam's phone, which was his dad's old phone that became Adam's after Adam had an accident with his. Actually I think I washed his phone after he left it in his pants in the dirty clothes basket when we'd been married like 1 month... that triggered an interesting 'discussion' about pants responsibility, but thats neither here nor there.)

For this phone, we have lost the inside charger and so I have to charge it on our 1 phone charger- in Adam's car, usually. He and I are both terrible at keeping up with our phones. So, if I had an iphone, well I would probably feel really awful when I left it stuck between my car seats, in my desk drawer, in a coat that I left at a friend's house, or in some restaurant. And who needs that kind of guilt?

Meanwhile, we are holding out because we do not have moneytrees and in January our lovely contract will allow us a new phone.


Lora said...
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Lora said...

Must be genetic, your Daddy has broken another phone & it was not a cheap phone. Conville genes strike again.

Anonymous said...

i think the biggest problem with the iPhone is AT&T. their service sucks.

Anonymous said...

You deleted your own mother?

Do you know that the net interest on guilt for doing that, multiplied by the square root of Pi, can not even be calculated by Adam to save you here?

Have you noticed lightning bolts coming out of the sky and landing close enough to feel the heat?

Does Louisiana still do voodoo?

Please note your dad tunes in occasionally too. Yikes.

Oh my you are brave you are, you are...and on a holiday week too.

Hands and knees and begging forgiveness is a likely Christmas gift coming along here.

She deleted her mother...

Pennsylvania is a right to work state, but mom (and apple pie) are like God here.

She deLETED her...:(

kjds said...

girl. i get you on the phones. i have washed mine more than once and if it does make it until the new contract, it is barely making it. my tech-y hub bought me a fancy pants phone and i have actually kept up with it for 4+ months and it has no scratches! there is hope for all of us ...

the Jennings secede from the South said...

huh? wait who deleted whose mom? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

Lora said...
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November 18, 2007 6:52 PM

That's the first post.
That's mom.
I guess you are confused.
Happy Thanksgiving...with gravy.