oh, the difference a degree can make.

This isn't my first blog, you know. The summer after I graduated from Baylor I worked retail and it was quite slow on most days.
So, I did what any rational person would do- I stared a blog. If you think I should seek professional help after reading THIS blog, you should've read THAT one! Well, actually you still can. Its www.xanga.com/camillethedeal . However, it makes this blog look like a Dan Brown novel, that is, well written. Which it is not, lets face it. Also, speaking of xanga, although kind of ghetto, I did enjoy the "currently listening to" feature. That is, at the top of each entry, you could select the cd/dvd/book cover of whatever you were listening to/watching/reading at the moment. Obviously that was the place where you put some cool, hip, obscure band or deep thought-provoking book even though you were really currently watching the Ashlee Simpson show.

Moving on: I'm going to Colorado for my former roommate's wedding. I'm really excited to see my girls, however, last I heard the wedding was outside unless the temperature is under 33 degrees.

And the bridesmaids' dresses are strapless.

Now, this is HER day, okay? Not mine. I'm just saying, I kinda pray that the weather is 31 degrees as opposed to 34 degrees. However, I'd take a good 60 degrees, too. Okay, reverting back to supportive bridesmaid mode. Meanwhile back at the farm, Adam will be flying solo in the house. AKA eating Hormell chilli and mac & cheese- bachelor food.



Lora said...

I read it everyday, because I missed you and this helped me feel connected to you. Your writing was good then & better now.

kjsonntag said...

YES! I love picking peeps up from the airport!!

Anonymous said...

kind of like reading your journal from jr. high...at the time you thought it was amazing...now you think you were crazy...I just wonder what i'm going to think of myself in 10 years? :)