heart & soul

Continuing our fantastic stay in God's country. Highlights include:

1. Teaching Adam the piano song, "Heart & Soul"- Adam became very frustrated when he missed notes and almost jammed his fist into the piano.
2. Driving around Ft. Worth and seeing the beautiful neighborhoods and architecture.
3. Jule (Adam's mom) backseat driving while Mike was in the driver's seat (Mike, its 32 degrees now, watch out!) She cracks me up!
4. Eating real, honest, genuine Mexican food. Ahhhhhhh. Totally worth the bloat.
5. Being with the best in-laws around.
6. The fly-fisherman salesman at Backcountry. He made me want to take up the sport.
7. Corona Lights with Mike (Adam's dad) and pool games downstairs.
8. Learning family histories and good stories about Adam's family, including a picture of Jule's mom doing a handstand on a wooden chair.
9. Adam and I playing on the Elementary school playground next to his parents' house (Tetherball (spelling?) is not as easy as it looks. And the ball hurts when its cold!!)
10. Watching college football with Grandpa (poor LSU...)

We're having a restful and great week while Adam gets a well-deserved break from medical mumbojumbo. Love y'all!

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