Thunderbolts of Lightning, Very very frightening!

Recently asked galpal, Bethany, what song would play as she entered the room, if she could have a theme song in some magical sitcom land. I have decided that mine would be "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen as it is:
a. awesome and
b. hilarious and
c. full of angst and, of course,
d. I have already choreographed air guitar sequence with windmill kick.

What would your song be?


Lora said...

"Three Times a Lady"-Lionel Richie

Anonymous said...

"Company in my Back" - Wilco

freakface said...

In light of current weather conditions (It's Tuesday morning), I would say "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?" Michelle Branch.

Listen you snow noobs, drive REALLY REALLY REALLY SLOWLY this morning. This stuff is slicker than calf shit because it's wet underneath and the ground hasn't frozen, so it's going to give way at all kinds of unexpected times.


freakface said...

Oh, and how much snow did you guys get in the City? Out here south of 90 we've got 4 inches so far on top of the picnic table.