Power Outage

I am at work for the 2nd morning in a row with wet hair. Why? Well, yesterday afternoon when I get home from work, I was on the computer posting my snow pictures and BAM something blew and the lights went out. Apparently, its widespread in Erie- 15,000 homes I think. So, we curled up by the fire, (Thank you old gas fireplace) and read/Adam studied.

I will post the snowy pictures tonight if the electricity is back on. (Prayerfully, it will be.)

Yesterday before the outage, Adam and I made a snow man and had a good old fashioned snowball fight. Powers was very confused as he wanted to be able to catch the snowballs, but they kept disappearing once they hit the ground or his paw. Good times!


freakface said...

Just for the record, this storm is one of the (if not the) worst first-snow-of-the-season that I can remember. We finally got power back sometime in the middle of the night (went out 8:30 AM Tuesday). I don't know how much you guys finally got, but we had 11 inches on the ground (yes, I have pictures) before we finally pulled the plug and went to Gramma's house for the night. Hopefully your power will finally make it back up today.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you at least had a gas fireplace. It must have been very cold.

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