I call this meeting to order.

Nablopomo peeps- Can I get a t-shirt with this on it?

I just ran to the mall to pick up a personal gift for my bride-to-be friend, Caroline. I dreaded, I dwaddled, I did not want to go to the mall- not during (dum dum duuuuum) Christmas season! But actually, it wasn't half bad, you know? First of all, there were some nice young girls ringing the salvation army bell and they held the door open for me and greeted me- well done, girls! Second of all, Christmas music was playing..score. Third of all, it wasn't very crowded and no one approached me to fill out a survey or look at their cell phones- double score!

**Edit** I had a whole section in here about personal shower gift items but then remembered that my dad reads this blog. I bet my blog would be a lot funnier if it was anonymous. But then I'd be like, "hey so-and-so, did you read my awesome post today? " And they'd be like, "You have a blog?" And then I'd be like, "Yeah, duh- just go to www.thejenningssecede.blogspot.com" and then they'd tell everyone because this blog would be so funny because I thought I was anonymous but then remembered I'm too vain.

Moving on to corrections: The entry posted yesterday entitled "Oh the Difference a degree can make" stated that Adam Jennings would eat exorbitant amounts of Hormell chili. I was corrected today, that the correct brand is Wolf brand chili. Thats, wolf brand, folks.

Next order of business: My mom and dad are going to Arizona on a trip and didn't even tell me. I found out through her blog.

And finally, a Mitch quote for today. Did you ever hear Mitch when he was alive? It was his voice that made him so funny. Oh, and also what he said.
"I like rice. Rice is great when you're hungry and you want 2,000 of something. "


freakface said...

First and only comment. Only a day late. You're welcome.

Lora said...

you are a clever writer and i just love to read you blog. love you, dad