The venting/complaining line is a hard line to walk. There's nothing to make you never want to utter a whiny (spelling?) word again like being around a constant complainer, cousin of Negative Nelly and daughter of Debbie Downer.

On the other hand, with a close friend, it is necessary to be vulnerable and open- even about things that are difficult or trying. Some people definitely err on the side of falsey-positivity with no fewer than six disclaimers before venting, "Well, its no big deal, and I really don't mind, and she's actually a really nice person, but she kicked my dog and set fire to my house."

I don't think I mind so much confessing areas I struggle in. I've definitely learned that there is freedom when you speak things into the light. However with venting/complaining, I have a hard time sometimes deciding what things to share/what things to keep inside and simply pray about. I mean, we're supposed to build up and encourage each other, right? But sometimes we need help and maybe its time for us to vent and receive encouragement, right? Okay, then.

I definitely think its something that the Holy Spirit works out in us as we learn to walk with Him and hear His voice. The best of friends you can vent to without worry. I love it when my best pals vent because they are not Debbie Downers and I feel valued and trusted that they let it out! With my best friend you have to pull it out of her somedays, but then she finally admits, "Well, its nothing and I am so grateful to have a car and a home and I know I'm not a starving person in Africa but I've had a really bad day." Ah, release.

P.S. This is my 100th post!!!!!


Lora said...

I find your blogging a real uplifter. Your frank and real attitude so refreshing. You just break me up. Thank you for your blog.Love Dad

Cynthia said...

aw, your sweet dad commented on your blog. that makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

eek. Was that one directed at me? Thanks for being a good friend and listening to me complain. I'm glad I can inspire great blogging material as well.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Happy 100th Post!!!!!!!!! Celebrate with a few glasses of wine - on me! :)