Real Simple

I used to receive the magazine, "Real Simple" monthly as a gift from Adam. Although it was a really fantastic magazine, it always made me feel bad because I was either a. too poor or b. too lazy to do their "real simple" ideas on decorating, organizing, or entertaining. However, every edition they would ask the readers a question and then the next month, they post the best replies. One month the question was "What would you do with an extra hour in your day?" Well, today, on the best of all days, you get your extra hour.

I love "fall back" day. I think I've mentioned this 2 sentences before, but it is the best of days. Not better than Christmas, though. Its a really good day, lets leave it at that. Today I forgot it was fall back which made it even better! I woke up and went downstairs for some coffee where Adam was already studying. "You're up early!" he said.

"Oh. Really?" I said, having already seen the non-updated clock.

"Yeah, we get an extra hour today, remember?"

Score. So, today was the best day ever, besides Christmas and other days that were more fantastic. Had plenty of time before church to read & journal and also clean up around the house. Took a nice, long walk with Powers today. Went to the YMCA with Adam and saw a 50 year old man doing the chinese, left, AND right splits all the way down on the abs mat (that was impressive.....and random). All in all, its been a heck of a fall-back fall day.

In other news, our great good friend Freeland Ackley, got an interview here at LECOM! He is applying for medical school next year and we have really really hoped that they would come here because he and his wife, Brooke, are our best couple friend- we love them! So, he will be here in December interviewing- hot dang!

Here's to you and yours on this fall back evening. Going to go make some supper, now.


Anonymous said...

This is yet another reason why Arizona sucks. I get no Fall Back Day. This wretched state doesn't observe daylight savings time. Stubborn, if you ask me.

freakface said...

you wanted snow?

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