Pulling a Lorelai

Disclaimer: If you know me, you know I love Gilmore Girls. I can't help it nor would I want to. I've always loved their dialogue and the quirky town people. And, definitely, always loved the concept of the snowy Stars Hollow. Okay, rant over.

Now for me, growing up, August meant back-to-school; back-to-school meant back-to-school shopping. I remember even in Louisiana, where it was 95 degrees on the first day of school, the clothing stores all had their sweaters, scarves, courdroys, hoodies, warm hats, and gloves on display. I always wanted to buy those things, to be able to wear those warm, cute scarves or pull on a thick sweater and take off to school.

To the majority of these items, my mom put her foot down but I walked away with at least one new sweater, which I would then proceed to wear on the first 85 degree weather day, since it was so much cooler out and all. Then, I would be horribly hot and wishing it would be at least a little bit cooler, please. But when my mother asked, "Aren't you hot in that?" I would, of course, answer, "No, duh." But, I digress. The point is, the number of days that necessitated wool coats or fuzzy mittens were few and I always was ready for them to come.

So, for now, I'm really enjoying needing my scarves and gloves. I like dressing in the long coats I always envied Lorelai Gilmore for getting to wear. I like feeling like the holidays are coming up because I can see my breath. Maybe, come February I'll be ready for Spring to come, but for now, this is right up my alley.

Unrelated: Adam just went fishing with his friend Jim, from class, and he really liked it! Maybe when the lake freezes, he'll sit in his little hut, study anatomy, and be just like a grumpy old man!


Cynthia said...

I'm always glad to find another Gilmore Girls fan and I'm completely jealous of your cold weather. I miss it terribly! I too love winter attire. My parents laughed when they saw the amount of sweaters and coats I brought back to LA. I'm still hoping I'll get to wear them...sigh.

freakface said...

Just for the record, we still have snow a wee bit South of town. Yeah. I know.