Life is good right now.

I'm not going to work for 5 days.
Adam is done with finals and won't have school for 2 weeks.
We're about to hang out with Josh and Bethany.
I have a big glass of red wine.
Powers is licking his booty.

Life is sweet.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Is Power's single??? Perhaps we could get a side thang going on. I am sure my husband won't mind. Really, I am sure. I think. Maybe not. But DAMN GIRL, that Powers is HOT-CHA-CHA!!!

You guys look like you are getting ready to "vogue". You all have that "vogue" look about you. Impressive!

cece said...

Love the photo!

Brooke & Freeland said...

I love it. I cant wait there to have a big glass of wine with you! I love the christmas card - its on the fridge .. next to last years.. which wont come down because its too funny also!

freakface said...

Either a) you both had too much wine, b) you're both alien monsters, or c) somebody forgot the red-eye reducer. Hmm...Southerners who moved to the Tundra...hmm. Powers appears to be normal, though.