Currently: Sitting in the armchair at my parent's house. Dad is napping beside me, Adam is reading a flyfishing magazine on the couch, mom disappeared about 30 minutes ago, Gabe is in a car driving here, the nephews and Scott/Caroline combo are preparing for the drive from Austin- hooray for Louisiana!

It was a peculiar feeling flying from snowy Pennsylvania to humid Louisiana. I love it here, though. Its so nice to be in mild temperature in our cute little town, seeing old friends and driving familiar roads. Mom has the house all Christmased up and I feel completely peaceful and relaxed. Once the nephews are here tomorrow, it won't be so peaceful, but it sure will be fun!

Today my mother informed me that she and my husband have talked and they liked my hair pulled back. Okay? So don't wear it how you have it right now...
Oh, its good to be home.


cece said...

Welcome home! So surprising and good to see you and Mary Lou today! I hope Starbucks lived up to it's name for your coffee stop:) Tell your family Merry Christmas for me and I promise to blog soon...hopefully later today, although there's nothing super exciting about my life:)

Danny Lucas said...

The stars shine brighter when I am in Florida than when I am in Pennsylvania. Perhaps the lights of the Northeast quadrant of people interfere a bit up north.

On this O Holy Night, may you and your family find one of those Southern stars being followed by three wisemen. And may the glow of that starlight brighten your hearts all of the new year.

Merry Christmas from Erie, PA
The best is yet to come.

God bless you Adam, Camille, Lora, oh yes, and Mary Lou....Erie has never been the same since your visit. :)