What WOULD you do for a klondike bar?

As Sally Fields would say, "Wow, you like me, you really like me!"

Thanks for the comments. You obviously know that the way to my heart is through leaving a comment. Now that NoBloPoMo is over, I feel such a release! Like, hey, man.. back off. You can't tell me what to do, Nablopomo...not anymore. You're not the boss of me! And, I didn't even win a stupid Nablopomo prize! Ah, well I didn't want to be in the jam of the month club anyways.

Yes I did.

Moving on- the wedding was, well.. it was crazy. I mean, if it had been my wedding, I would've freaked out. But Caroline is the most super laid back woman in the world and she has no concept of time. She's like, "Ah, yeah... I forgot such and such, can you and Lindsey run and get it? You can take my car." And we're like, "Sure, no problem." in true-good bridesmaid fashion. (you always act calm around a bride and never tell them if anything is running behind or stressful). But in our minds we're like "AUUUUGHHHH everythings going to go wrong! AUGH she forgot such-and-such and now we're late and augh the world's going to IMPLODE!!!!"

And then one time, me and Lindsey were taking Caroline's car and suitcase to the wedding site- where everyone was supposed to have been at like 2:00, but it was 3:00 because Caroline's hair and makeup appointment ran long (again, the time concept) and the wedding started at 3:30. So, we're taking the suitcase and then we turn on the wrong road and its this huge park and its a 1-way road that makes a gigantic loop around some big rocks (eh, Colorado) and so we're like AUUUUUUGH, gun it!!! But then we get behind the slowest mini van of tourists alive and they're going around 5 m.p.h. just gazing at the rocks and Lindsey and I are cursing them and we're like AUGH we're going to miss the wedding!!!! But then we made it and Caroline was like, "Oh, hey guys. Whats up?" I told you, she's the most laid back bride alive- role model.
And, it was fine. I mean, she got married and at the end of the day, that was the #1 goal. I had a really fun time, too! Caroline's family is crazy fun and we stayed out late and had a blast both nights. The wedding was beautiful and a bagpiper came up over a hill playing and then Caroline walked down the aisle and it was really beautiful AND she was a gorgeous bride.

AND I got to see my pals, Brooke and Freeland which made me very, very happy and very, very ready to see them when they come visit/move here to live (hopefully)!

AND I have to give a shout-out to this lady:

The winner of the "OhmygoshyouaresoniceandcaringandIfeelawfulaskingyoutodothisbutthankyouthankyou" award.
Jen- who graciously picked me up from the airport, THEN picked me up from the wedding and let me crash at her house THEN woke up at 4:30 am to take me to the airport. She oughta have many crowns in heaven for her selflessness. And props to her husband, who also picked me up from the wedding and woke up with us. And props to her dog, Bagby, who is really stinking cute.

Anywhoos, I missed my husband and was sad not to have him there to perform our choreographed dance routines at the wedding.

Please know that Erie is really snowy and pretty right now.

I will not write anymore in this entry because I read that long entries scare away readers. So, farewell.

Trivia: Adam Jennings has never seen the Sound of Music


Megan said...

How about some photos from the weekend????

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know Erie is not really snowey now, There is a little bit of snow, Really snowey would = 2 feet on the ground and 8 inches in 6 hours. I am not that old less than 30 and I remember may winters that we had much more snow much sooner. Also snow = bad, Most folks don't know how to drive in it (that is they drive to fast) and salt rust cars...

Megan said...

well, it might not seem like a lot of snow to you, anonymous, but to someone from the south, any snow is bound to seem like a lot of snow and be very exciting. so have some sympathy.

kjsonntag said...

ok. i cannot believe you put the rake pic on there. well, i actually can. it was so good to see your face! also, i went right back to sleep upon arriving home and slept until 9 am ... :) i am glad you got home safely!

Lora said...

I love the snow and your writing. It brings me and others such great joy and makes me proud. Love you, Dad