S'Wonderful, S'Marvelous

Somehow I don't have a nose in some of these pictures but that's okay. These are our pre-party pictures, we have some from the party yet to upload. It was fun! We both liked actually showering and getting dressed, shaving legs (well, me anyway. Adam decided not to shave his legs this time), and looking nice. The supper/dancing was fun although it is amusing to look around and think, "Wow. These are future doctors of America." But even doctors need to shake a leg, right?

Right. Moving on, we went to the peninsula yesterday with Powers. It's looking less like an Arctic tundra and more like.. something. I'm not really quite sure what.
Like big piles of sand mixed with icy terrain? A desert after a snowstorm? Something. But surely spring is coming.... Or so we thought yesterday until we woke up this morning to snow. Oh, ho hum.


Lora said...

GOOD LOOKING COUPLE! You never get too old to shake a leg-just ask your Dad. I won't tell you how beautiful it is here today. I wouldn't want you to be depressed when you found out it is about 70 with a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. No, I will refrain from sharing the Louisiana weather!

kjsonntag said...

love the dress! you guys clean up nice!

i am praying for spring too ... i will pray it for both CO and PA.

p.s. i will be in your state in 2.5 weeks. i will call you while i am there so we can say hi in the same state. ha.

Rachael said...

I love the dress too - I keep telling Aaron that I need a reason to get all dressed up (I kinda miss the college sorority formal days)

You guys look great and I'm sure you had a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

Yall look great! OMG! Your nose is missing! Is it between his fingers?

NY Yankee Fan

Deb said...

WOW! You look "MAVOLUS" Darlings. Glad you and your hairless legs are shaking things up in Erie.
Yeah, snow is sooooo pretty for a short time and it looks like a fairy land and then bam reality hits and the dirt shows through...YUCK.

Rev Mike said...

Hey, You guys mentioned geocaching, There is a big geocaching event at Damons Tuesday the 1st of april at 6pm ending at 9 pm. Hope to see you there.