Teeth Already, Sigh.

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Well, we have entered the world of teething. For a while, we've suspected that it was around the corner with the appearance of some little buds on his bottom guns. But now you can feel and see his little two bottom teeth creeping through Henry's gums. My mom said that my brothers and I got our first teeth around 4 months and so Henry must be following in our noble footsteps (He'll be 3 months on July 21st). Sometimes, it even seems that nursing is kinda painful for him. For example, at his 3:00 feeding today, he would latch on and then pull off really abruptly and then repeat, repeat, repeat until finally I stood up and he nursed that way while I walked around the room....festive!

The excessive drool has begun and he is enjoying putting burp cloths in his mouth to chew. Any thoughts/feelings/advice?


jenny said...

Pull out all the stops...motrin (well, now I can't remember what age they can start having motrin, but def. tylenol), orajel, and homeopathic Teething tablets (can buy at the grocery). It seemed that our boys had more trouble with the pain of teething than our daughter. She would just wake up with a new tooth and never have shown any fussiness. Whereas, our boys we had to do all three of the above "treatments" to give them relief. And my middle one was also a young teether. Got his first one at 4 months. Hang in there.

Jenny C.

Jeff and Lauren said...

Hey - I have never used this but I have seen a couple of people with it and they seem to really like it! It is like a teething bag and you can put crushed ice in it or when he is older, you can put foods like watermelon in it and he gets the juices. I thought it looked like a cool invention!

Olson Family said...

highlands teething tablets...all natural...you can get them behind the counter at target and on the shelf at specialty grocery stores (from my experience)

Ann Miller said...

rub benadryl on his tiny baby gums...and, if some gets down his throat, so be it...

Rhonda said...

Not sure how I came across your blog, but love reading blogs by other moms. Cute baby!
hyland teething tablets work great for our little guy. And night time orajel. I also have the "food net" pacifier and I will put cold apple wedges in and let Thomas go to town. Of course I have him sitting up in a highchair, not to choak on his own salvia during this time. The "teething" drool is never ending.