Calorie Counting

Friday, I began a notebook to record every morsel of food that I put into my mouth and how many calories it contains. I wanted to see how many calories I was intaking each day since I suspected that I was seriously underestimating it. However, I realized that I ate substantially less and much better when I was writing down everything that I was eating and having to measure out serving sizes...which is pretty much the point!

So, Friday went really well with counting calories and I was doing well and eating some good foods but then Adam & I went to a wine and cheese party on Friday night so, as you can imagine, all bets were off. I did bring my own wine glass with a marking for 8 oz., which was my limit for the night but when there are delicious crackers and cheeses, well...

I love cheese.

I know this sounds extreme, to count calories and measure serving sizes but I am seriously sick of being in my maternity jeans and there are parts of my personality that are all or nothing. I'm clearly not doing so well with moderation and I definitely graze a lot during the day. Just eating because it's there.

So, Saturday and Sunday went well and it's definitely making me aware of the foods that I eat and how much I'm eating. So, hopefully I can keep this up until I'm in my normal jeans again without a horrifying muffin top. The end.


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Danielle said...

thanks for this post. you're inspiring. i know you can do it.

in related news, dave and i did our assessments at the fitness center. we're in, and super excited.

why is that place so amazing? it completely shocked me. i heard great things, but man oh man. i'm in love.

Marylou said...

I know you know your exercise stuff and you WILL be successful! It is hard to do and I am proud of you for being healthy!

Keep up the good work and don't forget to do your 30 day shred (*wink*wink*)

Olson Family said...

I'm finding it a little more difficult to get back to "normal" after the second kid...I have also been getting frustrated with the whole thing...but you do have to remember your ab muscles were essentially cut through to get to sweet Henry so that area is going to be a little more "squishy" for a while afterward (at least that is what I keep telling myself)!!! It will happen!!! Keep being diligent!!!

CaseyWiegand said...

im laughing so hard bc I can totally relate, I counted calories recently too!!!! FYI I hear that your body will hold on to the last 15 pounds until we are done breastfeeding......so lately Ive just been using that as an excuse. Wish you lived close so that we could take our boys and workout together!!!

Hannah Lee said...

You are beautiful! I know you are harder on yourself than anybody and that is fine, but from what I can see you look dang good. You just had a kid!

lindsey said...

I agree with Hannah...you look wonderful! I know you're not looking for compliments, but I'm thinking if you can look cute wearing a swimsuit 3 months after giving birth, you're doing pretty good!