See? I can eat my whole hand!

The Jennings have come and gone. We said good-bye tonight but we had a wonderful weekend. They were staying in the hotel attached to Splash Lagoon (local indoor water park....gotta be indoor up here in the PA) and they paid for Adam & I to go play and swim while they watched Henry at a table in the park. Let me say, I am a fan! We had so much fun riding down the slides and I was hoarse from screaming my way down Hurricane Hole...twice...just as delightful as it sounds.

Waterparks can be absolutely lovely...you just have to not think about all the urine floating around.

Anyways, then we went to the Cherry Festival that afternoon and met up with our peeps...Brooke & Freeland and Freeland's mom & step-dad. We watched the Cherry Festival parade and managed to snag some candy from the parade-throwers by pushing small children out of the way. Just kidding. But I did get a tootsie roll and a jolly rancher. Henry kicked it in the baby sling thingy and got to hear his first (three dozen) sirens. Yes, this parade is put on by the firemen of North East and, although it's a dandy parade, probably not the best parade to bring an infant too due to the EXTREMELY LOUD NOISES!

Powers is so annoyed with the paparazzi

Today, the grandparents babysat while we watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Much to say on that subject but that'll be for a different post. (I know, be still my heart) I am so glad that Henry got to have some wonderful bonding time with his grandparents and we had such a nice visit. Henry smiled a lot and definitely enjoyed being held and doted on by grandma & grandpa (names to be determined by Henry at a later age).

In conclusion, we are so glad that they came and God bless America.
The end.

Aww, shucks Pa! three generations of Jennings.


Lindsey said...

sounds like ya'll had fun! so glad they came to see your little man!

Lora said...

How could Mike & Jule NOT LOVE that sweet little baby? I am glad Henry had a continuation of holding and spoiling-via Texas style! I can't wait to hear Jule's take!

Ann Miller said...

there are worse things than being spoiled...now, i recently learned this: urine is sterile; it is what it comes in contact w/that is not; please confirm w/ur physician to be...

Anonymous said...
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Danielle said...

ok...your step dad is alan alda: