An Innie...For Now.

Everyday I look on down
to see if you have popped
Belly button, you must be
feeling really taut.

My belly button used to be
deep as the endless ocean
But when each morning dawns, it appears
you've been chugging shrinking potion

What will we find when you explode outward
Will it be a chest of treasures?
Or will it be just lint and fuzz
from all my clothing endeavors?

Bellybutton, I confess
that part of me is scared
what will happen when the insides
of your depths are bared

Will it hurt? Will I cry?
Will I hear a pop?
We'll find out soon, we'll just have to wait
until an outie you do crop.


Hannah Lee said...

What is the best way to scare close but not too close family members? Raise your shirt and show your new "outie" bellybutton! Sure scared the pants off some of mine!

Jeff and Lauren said...

You are so creative. I love your poem!

Lora said...

I am calling Mrs. Potts. She needs to read your latest literary endeavor!

Bethany said...

Of course you'd write a poem about your belly button. Very clever, very clever indeed.

Olson Family said...

Mine never popped with Jack...however...with this baby I think I'll have no such luck:)

Anonymous said...

good thing you never peirced your belly button or you could end up with scarring like mine-yummy!