Sunny Days

The Good Lord knew we needed a day like this. Finally, a day above freezing and the SUN IS OUT! Nothing has made me appreciate the sunshine like living in Erie through the winter. I always took things like warmth and sun rays for granted until winter up here. Man alive, number five.

Inspired, Adam & I took Powers on a nice, long walk and soaked the sun into our faces (and Adam's legs- he wore shorts.... I mean, it was 39 degrees after all).

Then, Adam decided to build our sidewalk into a bobsled course. He shoveled a ramp and then went to town.

Preparing the curve.

Powers leading the way down the track.

Happy Times.

As you can tell, Powers is not so much help on this sort of thing.  Bobsled time ended once Powers got a hold of the sled and started running a victory lap around the yard.


Lindsay said...

i can't believe how much snow you have!!

Anonymous said...

Of course you are not allowed to go bobsledding in your condition, young lady.

Hannah Lee said...

Does Adam have on shorts? Well I guess days like that are equivalent to our Spring Days. BTW- your baby bump is sooo cute!

Bethany said...

The weather was amazing today! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

kristin said...

Looks like fun in the snow! I truly believe Powers and our dog Hannah could be best friends. :)

PS Driftwood is Southwest of Austin...truly out yonder! Do people say out yonder in PA???

Lora said...


Anonymous said...

Wow...you guys are true northerners. Shorts in 39 degree weather!!?? BTW...you are adorable!!

olly said...

I do think adam and powers can make the bobsled team in the next olympics!
(dog house)