A Year Ago Today

Heading out to support a friend at her first Mary Kay party with my four pals (bought a mascara).

Was pregnant but did not know it yet.

Adam was probably studying for a test.

Powers was still our baby.

Did not know how good So You Think You Can Dance was because I'd never seen it.

Was sleeping 8+ hours a night.

Had no idea how different and how much sweeter life would be in a short year.


Anonymous said...

And you will be able to reflect next year in the same way b/c he will be such a different kid then! Talking, walking (running)! It will be fun, I promise. It preschool story time at the library today for me and my 2 kids. Its nice b/c while they have story time, I get a full 30 min to look around for my own books!

Marylou said...

So true. It is really funny to look back and see how priorities shift as we get older and our lives change!

ps. I love Henry's hair in the pic below...

Marylou said...

pps. I also love your new haircut! You might inspire me. Can I be your "haircut twin" again? Puhlease!!!

Anonymous said...


Our Family said...

Aww, that picture is hanging on my fridge. That was such a fun party and I even won the door prize! : ) It is amazing how our whole group has changed so much!!!

Brooke & Freeland said...

awww sweet times! I love it.