Crazy family. I love them.

This morning, we were hanging out in the bed after Henry & Elliot had woken up. I loved it. The first words out of Henry's mouth when I brought him into our bedroom was, "Bubba!" not "Dada!" which is pretty cute and pretty surprising. I imagined that in just a couple of years, both boys will be pitter-pattering down the hallway, on their own, to our bedroom.

Bridesmaid dress: hello...T minus 6 weeks til I need to wear that bad boy. The same thing has happened that happened with Henry. I immediately dropped 20 pounds. (probably baby & amniotic fluid?) Now I have been stuck at this weight since one week after Elliot was born. The same weight...bleh. Now, in my defense, my Mama has been cooking hearty meals every night and stocking the house with delicious snacks. I wish that I could just eat whatever I want and that breastfeeding would take care of the weight....rats.

However, I am hopeful because I have started trying to run again (very slowly...but I did make it 20 minutes on Saturday!) and soon I will be back in Erie and can take the boys to the Y and work out and maybe not buy so much junk for my cupboards. I mean, it's not that I really care about the number. It's the clothes. Mainly, a certain bridesmaid dress that I need to wear in January. Aaaand, it'd be nice to wear my jeans. (Not my maternity jeans or my fat-kid jeans.) I just am not good at eating healthy or using moderation...whoops. Need to work on that.

But enough about that silliness. I am sitting by a fire with my boys and my Mama and it is nice and cozy and I have lots for which to be grateful. Have a great day!


Brooke & Freeland said...

SUCH AWESOME PICTURES!!! Christmas Card 2010????? I LOVE THEM! And PS - YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!!! And I cant believe you went running. I still havent gone running and its been 8 months! Woooops! You Go Girl!

The Tylers said...

Camille, you look GREAT!! Seriously! Loving the pictures of your sweet family...and yes, the pitter patter of footsteps coming down the hall never ever get old. Unless it's before 6am:)!

lauren and nelson said...

Camille, your family is so beautiful! I think you look amazing!