Life in LA

not L.A. is in 90210...LA as in Louisiana.

Life is fast & furious & fun so the blog has not been well maintained since our Elliot joined the crew. We flew down here (3 flights with 2 kids under 2...we are the champions.) Now Adam is interviewing at a few places for residency and I am hanging out with my Mom and my Dad is at work. Mom is about to leave to go to the dentist and I will get some more practice with being alone with two before returning to Erie.

Great news! While Henry is Adam Jr. in every way (and I love this), Elliot looks like MY baby pictures! True story! I'll have to post a side-by-side soon.

Must blog more later. Henry is eyeing his brother's paci very suspiciously. Stealing pacis has become a new pastime for Henry. Whenever he's going to do something naughty he always smiles and says, "Heeey!" first, real sweet-like so you know what's about to happen.

I love my boys. Feeling mighty thankful.

P.S. J.M.D.- gonna call you soon for that playdate!


Bethany said...

Glad you are doing well, but I miss you girl. =( Give your boys big hugs and kisses for me.

Ann Miller said...

would love to see y'all next week...