Hallo Matey!

Yes, we did list our house. Well, see- Adam will be done in Erie next May but we were thinking that we could go ahead and list our one-of-a-kind english tudor house (ahem) right now for 90 days and see what happens. After all, it is probably easier to get a house ready for buyers with 1 baby as opposed to with 2 babies (i.e. next spring). So, we'll see what happens- no harm, no foul but we do have buyers coming in 1 hour to peruse. Yay!

Now, onto other business. I will post pictures of Henry's big party soon! Soon, I tell you, soon! Like, definitely by the time that he's 2.

I had an OB appointment yesterday- baby's heartbeat just ticking away (160 beats per minute- which, according to whom you ask means it's a boy...or...girl! Ah, que sera sera!) We do have the anatomy sonogram on June 1st (whoop, whooooop!) and for that, I am excited! Lovely lady or First Mate to Captain Henry? Time will tell, my friend.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, thanking God for warmer weather, soft grass to play in, and a big ol' lake 10 minutes away from our house. My friend, Christie Lee (she is one of those people of whom you must say both first and last name) is to be induced today (1.5 weeks after her due date!) Goooo Christie Lee! Push him out, push him out, waaaay out! (Revised from a high school football cheer...Push 'em back, push 'em back, waaaay back!)


Lindsay said...

Good luck selling your house!! And very wise trying early!

Danielle Hartland said...

maybe email it to me, if you don't mind: danielle@daniellehartland.com.

thanks, girl!

Danielle Hartland said...

do you have a link with pics? we're starting to look.

Marylou said...

My manager used to always say that when selling your house be sure to spray some kind of cleaning solution right by the front door so they walk in and think" wow, this house smells clean!" Might be worth a shot! ;)

Ann Miller said...

neville never, bearcats forever! love a throw back to rhs!! go bearcats!! btw, my 20 yr reunion this year!! how scary!

The Sudan Fam said...

haha, your comment made me and jason laugh! don't worry...i have been reading your blog (dont be creeped out). i think i found it through brooke's...anyways, your son is adorable and blessings with the new bun in the oven! :)