Hee-Haw, Giddyup.

Henry's birthday party was, seriously, so cool. My parents arrived here the day before to help us prepare and so that my Mom could make her killer chili recipe (it's goooood).

Unfortunately, Henry awoke sick the day of his party. I had passed on a cold to him and he was not feeling well. But, who let's a little virus stop them from eating cake? Not us.

We warned all the babies and preggers that Henry was sick but our friends came out anyway to celebrate. We had made it a cowboy-style party and you truly don't realize how wonderful your friends are until they show up dressed western for your one-year-old's birthday party.

Our friends, Sarah & Drew, found this book at a garage sale the morning of Henry's party. How perfect.

The cake we bought had a smash cake that came along with it if your child is turning one. Super! Well, all the smash cakes automatically come with a rainbow, which Adam thought was girly, so he put a spiderman figurine atop the rainbow in order to masculinize it.

Some of the decor.

Some really fun gifts.

And, of course, cake.

Then, after about 2.5 hours, Henry had a meltdown of combined sickness and cake overload and was put to bed. But he had a marvelous time and we are thankful for our friends & family.


Lora said...

WE had a great time too. Makes me miss you more to see the pics. OUT TO THE YARD!

Gabe said...

Hate I missed it. Those flowers appear to smell like feet. Just sayin'.

Elaine said...

I love Henry's cake faces. So funny.

CaseyWiegand said...

yall r seriously the cutest

C and G said...

What a CUTE party! He looks like he LOVED that cake :)

The Tylers said...

Precious! Love the theme and especially love the book found at the garage sale. AWESOME:)

lindsey said...

This looks like the best boy party ever! The theme is perfect, and what great friends to get so into the celebrating! Oh, and LOVING the decorations!

Hannah Lee said...

So your kid is pretty stinking cute! Ur house is beautiful. I know the grands were just in heaven! Happy Bday Henry!