Who Lew?

Hulu, that is. Just a brief post on why Adam & I love www.hulu.com .

At this point in life, we don't have any channels (i.e. we do own a t.v. but we only can watch d.v.d.'s on it (like Gilmore Girls!). We don't have a cable box or bunny ears or anything like that.)

On a side note, we don't think that having a cable box is bad. In the past, we have had and probably will have a cable box again one day. Tivo is great. Don't get your panties in a wad.

But, for now, we can watch the shows that we like for free on www.hulu.com with only a couple of 30-second commercial breaks. This has been perfect for us. We have a desktop computer with a large screen in Adam's "office" and so, when we have a t.v. show that we want to see, such as LOST, we go in (at our convenience) and watch the show!

And did I mention that it's free?
Because it is.

When we had a cable box, we usually just tivo-ed stuff anyway and watched that when we sat down to watch t.v. So, it's kinda like tivo in that you get to pick and choose what you're going to watch instead of flipping channels.

Plus, in this season of life, I can't imagine Henry sitting in the living room long enough for us to make it through a show. Seriously, the kid is mover.

So, that's my say about Hulu. We've been using it since August and it works perfectly for us.

For free.


Sarah Duke said...

Sounds good to me! We love tivo, too! (P.S. I just read on the side your post on twitter about naming a girl Glen Coco...I seriously laughed out loud. You are so funny!)

Laura Anderson said...

chameleon! so funny that you just discovered my blog, especially since i randomly changed its name TODAY (about 20minutes ago) http://ablognamedlou.blogspot.com/

ps - henry is ADORABLE. i must meet him one of these days.

Marylou said...

That's it. I can feel you judging me for having cable tv. What like you think you're better than everyone else just becasue you don't succumb to the powers of the evil of cable? ;) My panties are wadded!!

in other news, I love your new blog design. props.

ps. thoughts on LOST?

lindsey said...

I just had to give props, yet again, for Gilmore Girls :).