Student Doctor Adam

Heeeeey, Nice hat!

Someone recently asked me how Adam's schooling is going. To fill you in, it's going well! He is currently on his 3rd month of Internal Medicine rotations- this has been the most challenging rotation yet. The schedule is pretty serious. They are more than a couple 14+-hour days and basically every other day (M-F) is a 12-hour day. He usually has to be at the hospital by 5 a.m. HOWEVER, Adam has such a good attitude about it and even though I often grumble when his alarm clock goes off at 4 a.m., he does not.

Before IM, he did Psychiatry and Anesthesiology (spelling?). He has learned a lot on these rotations, specifically the past couple of months on Internal Medicine and it has boosted his confidence and given him a lot of practice with diagnostics, patient care, consults, etc. Having said that, though, I am excited for his next rotation, OBGYN, where the schedule won't be as full (at least that's the word according to others who have rotated with this same doctor).

So far, so good. I'm so proud of Adam. He's such a hard worker and a good father and May, 2011 is not too far away.


Lindsay said...

That's so awesome! And bravo to you also! Being a wife of a student is challenging!

Lora said...

We all are proud of Adam-even if he does like to ruffle his MIL's feathers!