Food Question

So, we've had ol' Henry James on the rice cereal with a spoon, once a day, for a couple of weeks. My question is:

#1. When did you start moving to twice a day
#2. When did you begin incorporating other baby foods?

I'm in no big hurry, just curious. So far, so good.

Below is a short video of Henry eating supper. We had stripped him down to just his diaper because, some nights, you just don't want to wash a bib, too! (Although I ended up washing this fabric in the chair behind him).


Jeff and Lauren said...

Oh my goodness! That video is TOO cute. He looks like he loves it. :)

And why isn't there a manual about feeding babies? (Just ONE manual that has the right answers that is.)

I moved to twice a day when Will was eating all that I made for him and still acting very interested in more. And we only waited like a week before adding some veggies and fruits. He was a bit older but I think I was just eager to try new things with him. :)

Good luck!

Olson Family said...

up to you totally! we did that with jack and started mixing in baby food to the cereal. about 2 weeks later we were on just baby food. jacob is always a different story:) since we've had to mix rice cereal in his bottles since he was 2 months we will basically go straight to baby food. i give him baby food when he seems to be more hungry than what a bottle will give him. he eats "dinner" about 4 times a week. interesting kid, that one.
great video! love his "full" mid section:)

Anonymous said...

I incorporated a second cereal meal into my son't diet after I knew there were no problems with one meal (maybe after 2 or 2 1/2 weeks). I found once I did, he was less hungry in the evening and then slept longer. Then, a week or so after that I started incorporating a little fruit or veggie in with the cereal and boy he REALLY loved that. Introduce slowing, though, and don't change for several days or a week to make sure he doesn't develop a reaction or allergy to any specific fruit or veggie. Henry is a cutie!

Ainslee said...

Okay so I know not everyone is like me but . . . at 4 weeks we actually started rice cereal in his night time bottle. Then we started bananas at 8 weeks with a spoon. He now takes 2 TBS in every bottle and has hlaf a package of bananas and a 7 oz rice cereal bottle at night. Point being - don't be afraid to try things. We introduced bananas at lunch time for a week just to make sure it did not hurt his belly and then moved them to night time.

C and G said...

Well, I can offer no advice but only consolation as I am in the same clueless boat.
LOVE the little video, too cute. And in response to your comment, do you think one day our parallel lives will cross again? Perhaps with the little ones meeting at Baylor (or maybe med school???) and saying, 'so your parents went to Baylor? mine too! your mom's name is?? and your dad does what?? your birthday is when?!?!?! well, soulmates we must be then'
jk :)

Brooke & Freeland said...

oh henry! I love watching him eat that food!!!

Haley said...

Our pediatrician gave us a food chart that tells what they can have at each age. It says for 4 months they can have cereal twice a day (I think, it's not right here in front of me). I can e-mail it to you if you would like it.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I would like, thanks!

The Tylers said...

I started typing and am realizing I can't remember....! I know we started oatmeal(I did oatmeal instead of rice because it doesn't constipate them as much) with Jake EARLY. Like he had a milkshake think mixture of bm and oatmeal at bedtime and would give it to him through a cereal feeder. He loved it! And slept a lot better. With Landry, she wasn't a good eater so I don't think I ever did cereal with her at all! We started veggies at around 5 months and I only did veggies at first. If you give them fruit first then they will only want it due to the sweetness. So I would not start with fruit. But that is just me:)!

Tressa said...

You know, I think I understand why there werent any baby manuals published- because all babies are different!

I had four babies (at different times of course)- and they each had their own timeline of eating.

I think mostly it depends on Henry and YOU! Because he wont starve or lack nutrition (as long as he is getting a good source of milk.)

However, I did notice, that the milk would sort of melt away quickly in their tummies and thats when they needed something a little more solid in their belly.

Thats when I would start to introduce solids. I started with apples because they mixed in nicely with the cereal.

Also, I remember feeding the solids around the same times we would have meals. To sort of go ahead and align their feedings with the natural eating times. I want to say breakfast was the first feedings for a while. Then we did dinner in the late afternoon/early evening.

Your such a good mommy! So fun to see you doin' your thang!!

Ann Miller said...

when we started on baby food, our pediatrician had us do one oclor at a time...started w/yellows and oranges (carrots and sweet potatos), then greens (peas and grean beans), then fruits, ect. one thing at a time, so that if any allergic reations occured, we would have a better idea of where they were from. the meats really freaked me out...a little too "potted" for me...but they did like the chicken noodle dinners, and "mixtures". have fun!!