Return to Normal

And, back from our day trip- let us proceed with regular blogging programming!

First Order of Business:
You may or may not have read, our dear friends Brooke & Freeland are expecting their first child on March 31st! Wheee & Snaps!

Once you have a kid, you kinda want everyone else to have a kid too so that you're not the only couple leaving the social scene at 8 p.m. to put a baby to bed. THIS way, everyone will have to have get-togethers starting at 4 p.m.! And we can all talk about poop and spit-up together.  Hooray! But, beyond that, we are excited for them. Children are a blessing.  They will be wonderful parents.  

SECOND Order of Business:
Henry and I went to visit family for a 12-day trip. It was wonderful and made me realize how stinky cheese it is to live 23 hours away from our families. Don't get me wrong: I love where we are and I'm enjoying this season of life. However, it was such a joy to see Henry interacting with his grandparents and other relatives and it made me really wish that we lived closer.  
Silver Lining: Fall is really pretty right now in Erie. We have amazing friends and community right where we are.

Lastly, before I sign off, let me say that Henry is enjoying the rice cereal. He makes Mmmm noises and smiles really big while flailing his arms and legs about after each bite. (He has knocked the bowl out of my hands more than once.) We are giving it to him once a day. He shows great interest in the spoon.
Downside: The sweeter-smelling breastfed baby poop is changing...for the worse.

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Ann Miller said...

it was so great to see you!! henry is awesome and you are such a great mom!! motherhood suits you...you are a natural! glad to hear y'all made it home. hope you are busy planning your next trip---w/powers and adam in tow, of course!!