Life's Like That

So, every Thursday night my girls' group meets and we go through whatever study we're doing and talk a lot and pray and laugh and cry and encourage one another and, occasionally, have a party or shower for someone in the group.

Like, last night! So, there's a girl in our girls' group who just moved here and she's having a baby. So we threw her a baby shower and, since she already had everything on her registry, we all decided to get her the essential: diapers.

So, almost each beautifully wrapped present or gift bag that she opens is diapers. Neat, huh?

Turns out, she's using cloth diapers! Ha. Now, I'm sure she'll use these disposables, too, but it threw everyone into a fit of giggles. Life's just like that sometimes.


Sky said...

One of my friends uses cloth diapers, but she also uses disposables for when she's out and about. I'm sure your friend will have no problem using all those lovely presents!

Lora said...

If this is her first and she has not experienced the "Joy" of cloth diapers yet, I think she is in for a shock. I can remember the "constant" everydayness of washing out diapers, making sure they were free from bacteria,etc etc. NO FUN! Back then---I had no dryer-so there was hanging diapers out in the freezing cold and having them freeze before they dried. SUCH fond memories!

Anonymous said...

If she feels she won't be using the diapers (because she will be using cloth) encourage her to donate them to a local shelter! They often need things like diapers but are rarely given these items for donation.

The Tylers said...

Love it! There aren't too many around that use cloth diapers anymore. I vote that she'll be a converter....but not that it really matters. Makes for a funny story though!

Deb said...

I tried using cloth...even back then I was thinking about the land fills etc., but then Josh got a bad rash and disposables were good for guarding against the dreded rash....so she may change her mind.

lindsey said...

This is funny! I bet she felt bad telling you guys, ha.

Someone mentioned giving them to charity, and I thought I'd throw out an idea for future use. I help out some at a crisis pregnancy center, and sometimes different bible study groups in town will have a diaper or baby shower just to give all the loot to the center so moms in need can pick up items as needed. I haven't done it myself yet, but I thought it sounded like fun!