Savor the Sun.

See, when we first moved here it was the end of May. It was fairly warm and Adam and I immediately noticed that everybody and their mother were outside...all the time. There were festivals every weekend, outdoor concerts during the week, hoards of people rollerblading around Presque Isle. It was odd. Or so we thought....

See, what we didn't realize then was that winter happens here. Now, don't get me wrong- I like the snow, it's beautiful. I love wearing scarves, warm fires in the fireplace and, you know, 'for everything there is a season' and so forth. But you had better believe that when spring rolls around and the festivals start up, I'm going to be on the front row doing an irish jig with pure glee! This weather really makes you appreciate the sun and warmth. I am excited to thaw!

So, yes, we are enjoying the winter even though it makes things (driving, running, stepping outside) a little more difficult. BUT, I am going to roll like an Erieite this summer and savor the sun!!!

With S.P.F. of course. Skin damage is no joke.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Git yourself some Ice Wine from Northeast and a pepperoni ball, kick back in front of the fire and wait for Punxsatawney Phil to stake his claim in February. You can make a game plan from there. Never good when the lake doesn't freeze over....lot's o' lake effect. In fact, get yerself a dozen pepperoni balls....tis going to be a loooonnnngggg winter and spring usually sucks arse too.

Danny Lucas said...

I am excited that YOU are excited to thaw!
But I am sad to tell you that you have yet to freeze. This has been an extraordinary warm winter.

The better part of a foot of snow you shovelled today is usually Thanksgiving. We get 12 feet and had only 34 inches as of last week.

Temps have been mild too with only a zero or below once or twice. Global Warming is good to Erie.

I urge you to talk with Adam often right now. For as winter chill sets in, your words will freeze. You must than wait till spring (sometimes summer) to hear the conversation after it thaws all words out. This is why we jig dance around St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) as there is so much to catch up on.

For international entertainment, we have a little Groundhog named Phil. His town is the whole alphabet of Punxatawney, Pennsylvania. Phil is the weatherman's weatherman.

His choice of weapon? His shadow.
He comes out of his burrow (actually, his handlers wake him up and drag him; conversation is limited as words are frozen by then). Phil looks out on the world. If he sees his shadow, there are 6 more weeks of winter coming. If he does not see his shadow, robins will come more than Karen Carpenter could produce as she asked
"Why do birds suddenly appear,
Everytime, you are near?
Just like me, They long to be
Close to Phil"
This is a clue that bikinis will go on sale within 4 months.

The trick to a short winter around here is to extend Christmas. Christmas is winter; when it is over, the long await begins.
I leave my tree up til Valentine's Day and Christmas is extended. After that, the time till spring in June is relatively short.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say when your words thaw out. Note: jumper cables have no effect on conversations. Cables require a positive and a negative to blurt electic juice and new life. Winter produces mostly negative molecules.

Watch for Phil in early February (ie, next week or so). They made a movie on him called Groundhog Day. Phil gave it 2 paws up.

dave said...

Something you will notice about good old Erie is that people are very passionate when it comes to the weather. It seems that somebody always has a story about the weather.

To put things into perspective, this winter has actually been pretty close to what is considered climatologically normal. So far this year, we are running at 53.7" for seasonal snowfall. That's only 1.7" below normal. And for January, we are running at 30.4", which is 9.6" ABOVE normal. In fact, we only need 3 more inches to put this January in one of the top ten snowiest January's on record. That shouldn't be too difficult considering there is a week left in the month.

Another thing you'll find is that Erieites tend to embellish when it comes to describing our weather. Contrary to almost everything you have probably heard, our average annual snowfall is *only* about 83 inches - not 12 feet! Actually, the only time we have ever gotten 12 feet of snow in a single year is in the winter of 2000-2001. 149.1" to be exact. People may also be thinking that this year may seem a little less harsh than normal because we have been used to pretty harsh winters in recent years. In fact, three of the snowiest winters in Erie history have occurred in the last eight years. So we're used to a lot of snow. But when you sit down and put things into perspective, you are experiencing what is considered "normal" right now. But remember, it's only January 25 and a LOT of winter is left!

Yeah, I'm a nerd. But I love weather...and I LOVE winter. And since you guys are new to the area, I just wanted to give you a little perspective... ;-)

If you ever feel like being a nerd for a bit, go check out http://www.weather.gov/climate/index.php?wfo=cle and that will give you an idea of what should be happening with the weather and what has happened with the weather in the past.

By the way, I have been meaning to say hi to you guys at Grace for some time...but everytime I look, I can't find you guys! Maybe one day.

Take care!

Danny Lucas said...

To be fair to Louisiana and Texas viewers here, more snow info for you to look at.

The seasonal to date this year minus January (per Dave)leaves a little over 23 inches prior to January. I guessed 34 and was way over. Up to January, we have not had a winter. Yet, all of a sudden, we are facing a run for the top ten list.

I also lived a decade and a half in Edinboro. That community skews the totals big time.

Here is last year around these parts and will clue you in on why I say 12 feet with a straight face. Look at the snowfall in APRIL 2007 and Look at the total in Corry alone last winter (first town posted). Other communities are just as reflective. Keep in mind 12 feet is 144 inches; now look:

Erie County, PA Snowfall

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Snowfall for Week Ending April 8, 2007
1) Corry
Snowfall this week: 27.9 inches
On Ground: 10 inches
Season snowfall: 225.8 inches

2) Cranesville
Snowfall this week: 26.8 inches
On Ground: 9.0 inches
Season snowfall:205.2 inches

4) Fairview
Snowfall this week: 1.8 inches
On Ground: 1.3 inches
Season snowfall: 111.7 inches

5) Franklin Center
Snowfall this week: 25.4 inches
On Ground: 8 inches
Season snowfall: 218.5 inches

6) Harborcreek Twp (Saltsman Rd and RT 20)
Snowfall this week: 2.5 inches
On Ground: 1.5 inches
Season snowfall: 105.0 inches

7) Lake City
Snowfall this week: 2.8 inches
On Ground: 1.0 inches
Season snowfall: 106.7 inches

8) Millcreek Township (Zimmerly Road and Zuck Road)
Snowfall this week: 3.3 inches
On Ground: 2.1 inches
Season snowfall: 115.0 inches

10) Summit Township
Snowfall this week: inches
On Ground: inches
Season snowfall: inches

11) Wattsburg (Hatch Hollow)
Snowfall this week: 20.0 inches
On Ground: 14.0 inches
Season snowfall: 202.0 inches

12) NWS- Erie Airport
Snowfall this week: 1.8 inches
On Ground: trace inches
Season snowfall: 106.6 inches

Posted by Erie County Snowfall

Since you go to Grace, this is a good weekend to pray for spring.

Best regards,
Danny Lucas