The doorbell rang and I rolled off the couch and grabbed my purse. Looking back, I can’t really explain my ease going into the outing with the Clint and the infamous “Jennings”. After all, I knew he was quite attractive and I vaguely recalled him doing “the worm” on a stage in front of the entire university (another story for another time).

I opened the door and there was Clint and the library guy smiling, wearing an insulated vest over his flannel shirt and faded jeans. I know all the trite things that have been said about attraction and first meetings- quotes that we roll our eyes at when we’re amongst our friends and swoon over alone. I will say this: I felt the bizarre mixture of anticipation and expectancy mingled with plain old comfort like you feel amongst familiar people who simply let you be.

That night, we went out and joked, sang, laughed, and bonded. When 45 minutes rolled around, Clint asked, “Hey do you have to go home or what?” I shot him my death-ray dagger eyes then turned, smiled, and said, “I guess I can stay out a little while longer.” The 45 minute meeting turned into a 6 hour affair including my first meeting with a young Powers. I ended up staying in Waco for 3 extra days and when I finally made it home, I told my parents, “ Quote me: I met the man I’m going to marry.” *

Pre-Adam, every guy I knew fell into one of three categories:
1. boys who I was attracted to but I always was nervous around them and couldn’t be myself
2. boys who I loved as friends and could totally be myself around, but I wasn’t attracted to them, couldn’t make myself muster up those feelings
3. weirdos, freakazoids, creepers, and other types including guys who stare at themselves in the mirror at the gym and guys who brag about their combat skills (see freakazoids)

Adam was the first guy who offered the friendship aspect of #2- he is my best friend, in fact. (and not in the way that all women say that their husband is their best friend, but I actually really like hanging out with him and we are attached at the hip) However, he also threw in the “Chemistry” from #1. Incidentally, Adam does bring to the table, a little of the weirdness from #3- but all good weirdness- not creepy weirdness.

In conclusion, we thank Clint. For being a persistent friend who should’ve had an ice sculpture replica at our wedding. Ultimately, we thank God for such a sweet gift and giving us a partner to walk this crazy life alongside.

*Author does not recommend making such appalling declarations to parents 4 days after meeting someone.


Lora said...

Do I not SO DISTINCTLY remember that very declaration. In typical Mom Fashion, I was thinking, "Well We'll See." Little did I know! I also remember you heading back early to "spend time" with Mr. Jennings. At the time, I was not very happy with him cutting into "our time".

Ann Miller said...

Great beginning, great ending!! Doesn't contentment feel good!! It gets better; not easier, but better!! I look forward to a family reunion. I was so jealous of Adrian and Andrew at Christmas when they got to visit the Conville abode with all of the Convilles present!! You are truly one-of-a-kind--I even created an account to tell you this!! Love and miss--Ann

Ann Miller said...

What a great story!! Doesn't it feel so good to know contentment? I am so happy for you and look forward to a family reunion. I was so jealous of Adrian and Andrew at Christmas when they came out to Vienna with y'all and without me!! You are truly one of a kind and I love you!!

Ann Miller said...

Obviously, I am new to the "posting a comment" world!! I am not cool, not hip, and definitely not computer savvy!!

Lindsey said...

I love this story, and if any of your bloggy friends want more details, you can send them my way. Also, I think you need to submit some of your writing to a newspaper/magazine. You may have found your calling.