one little tidbit..

Ah, yes. My best friend was so kind as to remind me of a scene that I failed to mention in the story. I kinda forgot. Well, at one point after the dad came down and said for me to clear out the party, I thought everyone was leaving. People were driving away. (An kind, older girl had helped me to tell people to leave). Well,, so me & my best pal, Mary Lou left with 2 other girls to go get some ice cream. I mean, party's over- we're safe, right? Wrong. When we returned from the ice cream place- the party had reunited at the house again. Music bumping, tailgates down, the whole shebang. THEN, the cops came and THEN everyone scrammed. Even my so-called best friend! But then she came out of hiding in the bushes to stand by me......so, we're still best friends.


Rachael said...

Thanks for the help Cam... I can never seem to get my picturs to stay in the correct place once I publish them on the website. But, I'll try again.

PS. Loved the high school story!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I braved potential police record status to be by your side :)