Fat Tuesday

Thanks, Best Pal! Mary Lou sent me this King Cake after a discussion about the serious lack of Mardi Gras paraphenalia up here! The UPS man dropped it off today. Thank you, sweet pal! Now to consume thousands of calories of delicious, frosted goodness.

On an unrelated note, my new worst enemy? The ice. Ooooh, that ice. It is sneaky. I mean, at least with snow it's all fluffy and pretty! You know... with snow. (catchy slogan!) But ice is a sly fellow. The ground looks all normal and then BAM you're on your butt! The road seems safe then BAM you're sliding. With the ice on the windshield, ay-ya-ya. Double, nay, Quadruple layers!
Okay, enough whining.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Are those cakes any good?? I saw the kits in King Arthur Flour. To be quite frank, they look as though a 1st grader made and decorated it. I always thought that was a tad odd. I assumed they had to taste good in order to get passed their looks.

kjsonntag said...

next winter you will be a pro! :) i keep saying its just not that cold here ... i went to work on friday (it was 35 degrees when i left the apt) and did not wear a coat because it was "warm." weird, i know.

Anonymous said...

a bit of king cake lore: originally there was a bean baked inside instead of a baby and the legend goes that whoever got the bean would have good luck. Now it is plastic baby (watch out choking hazard!) and usually whoever gets it must buy the next king cake. Like many regional foods it is DEFINITELY more about the tradition than the looks or taste
though if you like cinnaman rolls, you'll pretty much like king cake. They also come filled with a variety of fillings including fruit, cream cheese, chocolate brownie and pecan praline. (pronounced "PECK-AN PRA-LEENE" not "PEEK-AN PRAY-leene" please!)
Glad I could educate you guys...next week....beignets!!

Anonymous said...
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Brooke & Freeland said...

okay - where have I been.. I check your blog one day & then come back another and there are like 20 new post! That is the largest cake box I have ever seen in my life! But I never knew about them - so Im glad I learned something new on your blog today!