Tea Time

One of my new favorite things is tea. See, when we first started meeting for girls' group, we'd be at someone's house and they'd say, "Does anyone want any tea?" And everyone would drink tea except me. I'd drink water. But I liked the idea of tea, you know? Like very Britishy, tiny cottage on a rainy day with a good book and fuzzy slippers on kinda thing. In the south, we only drink saweeeeet tea. But my friends, here, drink like chamomille tea & Sleepy Time tea & Lemon zinger and all kinds of good stuff. So, when Adam's reflux starting acting up, he purchased some tea. Then, the other week at the grocery store, I got a little tea pot. And finally, I tried some tea. I like it! It's not what I expected- so far, my favorite combination is

1 bag of "Get Some Zzzs" (a red tea)


one bag of Holiday Spice tea

2 bags of Holiday Spice alone are too much but Adam seems to like it.

I think I like the whole process with tea, too. I like boiling the water, the whistle of the kettle, letting it all sit in your mug for a few minutes, and slowly sipping. Tea is what you make for people when they're upset. Tea is what you make when you're awake in the middle of the night with something on your mind. You don't have to worry about coffee breath. Tea is what the Queen drinks, by George!

Don't get me wrong, coffee, I still love you. But I just think I should see other beverages, okay? I just need some space.


Brooke & Freeland said...

YAY! Im glad you love tea! That holiday spice tea yall have is one of our favorites! We never had it until we came to visit yall - now Free looks for it everywhere!

Danny Lucas said...

I love java daily til 2pm.
Then, it is tea the balance of the day and every evening. All types.

Some would shock you as a tea bloom is placed in a clear pot and opens up like a lily in bloom.
Fragrance abounds.

Camille, you and friends are a tad young for the Red Hats Lady Circuit that women crave for some reason.

However, you and girlfriends are absolutely perfect for a Saturday romp down to Adamsville, below Conneaut Lake in Crawford County.
It is about the only thing in the town.
Get off at Meadville and head west on 322 to Conneaut Lake. Thru Conneaut Lake and continue south on Rt 18. It is on your left. it is as far south as the PPG plant. If a sign says Pittsburgh, you went 90 miles too far.
Luncheons need reservation and prepay. Shopping will cost Adam a minimum three surgeries profit to pay for all the teas and "stuff" you can buy. A casual few hours or an all day event; your call.

Erie needs one of these places. Google Tea Room and enter a world of refined civility, decorum, unusual knicknacks, and splendid conversation. They have a magazine you can order and articles on Tea Rooms throughout the USA.

Last time I went with a group of gals to Adamsville Tea Room, 17 pots of varying teas were consumed and massive desserts that will not affect your running body, but stick out like the state of Maine on mine.

New subject: Google Blogger is a lot of effort, so on Adam and fly tie hobby, make some white jigs. They are popular in April trout season when live bait does not work. If the water in streams is cold, the trout bite zip. A white jig often fakes em out.

He may want to incorporate a slider single hook as well to add bait with the imitation.

He will need a license in PA (get the annual). Extra price for stamps on the license to fish for salmon in Lake erie and a pile more of add ons.

Poor Richards bait stand on Rt 5 west of Erie by Avonia (Fairview's Rt 5), but closer to Erie will give a good array of advise and bait for salmon and steelhead trout.
State Street by Blasco (come out of the library, head west and cross State Street, to Smith's Bait Stand ( I think Smitty booked out, but the baitstand remains). The plus? Salted or fresh minnows. They have a silver back top to em. Natives are army green and hard to spot. When you take a lake minnow, nice and silver, and enter it to a stream of trout inland, BAM! They hit like crazy.

Trout by Adam; Tea by Camille.

On Resurrection day number one, the Lord met his buddies on the beach for a fish breakfast. He lit the fire and put em on a stick. His buddies had few fish, but follewed the best fisherman.

If it was a big deal for Him to do, on sunrise number one after Resurrection, Adam is on the right track.

I will fill you in on favorite streams and hot spots galore around here another day. Others may beat me to it.

You have a prayer on the way with my next pot of tea; begins now.
Blessings to you.

Best regards,
Danny Lucas

Deb said...

Try some of the traditional medicinal teas. I like Breath Right ....there are all kinds. Be careful not to steep the Smooth Move too long. It can be painful. Ginger tea is a bit tangy, but it is really good for you...anti inflamitory tea. :-)

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

oooh we had a really cool tea room in San Antonio in an old victorian house called "Mad Hatter's Tea". I like the thought of tea, but I don't like it hot. I'm not a sipper....I just can't sit around and sip a drink all day....I can't just sit and sip a wine or sip a tea. Drink it and be done, I say.

Hey, I lived in Meadville...we call it Mudville. I lived in Fairview first and then had to move to Mudville when me hubby was transferred to Grove City with GE. I don't think I ever ventured to Adamsville...you could take powers to Mudville......that is where Dad's dog food has a manufacturing site, perhaps he could get the VIP tour (I used to know a person that knew a person that worked there, I will put in a good word).

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Send her an email or call her on the phone buddy. jeeze louize already hehehehehehe.

Danny Lucas said...

Send her an email or call her on the phone buddy. jeeze louize already hehehehehehe.

Ah, that it were so easy.

Camille has a voice I will never hear. I am virtually deaf and read lips.

If I knew her personal email, I would decline. Too many marriages receive interference from outside sources gone private. Things to be shared between spouses are scattered into the spaces of cyber.

What I have to say to Camille or Adam can easily be done here in view of the world.
Indeed, my thoughts on Camille's lament of Psalm 34 produced the finest comment to date by Adam on his bride.

I am content at greeting the husband...and the wife...in public right here. Please allow me the respect of that privilege.

freakface said...

Blech. Tea. Coffee. Eww. I can tolerate some herbal teas, but I'm so hooked on soda, err pop, that I can't stand the stuff in general.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Dude, I was joking.......hence the "heehehehehe". jeeeeze, life is too short to be serious.