Adam's my homeboy

I've been a little homesick lately- missing Waco and all the familiar people and places. Missing driving around with the windows down, the same familiar paths to work, church, friend's houses, and home. I'm glad we're having this adventure in Erie and experiencing life in a new place but sometimes it's bittersweet. Adam and I will always hold Waco dear in our hearts.. our first married home.

Monday, my husband will be 25. That's a quarter of a century! 25 feels like the most note-worthy birthday since 21. Isn't this the car rental year? Adam is definitely a homebody. Note- when I was trying to type "homebody", I kept accidentally typing "homeboy." I think God's trying to tell us something- like Adam is such a cool homeboy, dudes. Duh. Anywhoos, homebody- (Incidentally, should there be a space between 'home' and 'body'?) Moving forward- When we were engaged, I threw this big party for him- people came, we had cake, he busted a pinata. It was fun. Actually, the cake was in the shape of a jeep which made it super cool (By the way, if you live in Waco and ever need a great cake, try Gwyndene)
The next year, though, when I asked if he wanted a repeat, he declined. We had a nice supper, instead, with our soon to be Erie pals (Brooke & Free). Adam's definitely enjoys the smaller celebrations more than the larger ones. This year, my parents are coming on the 29th for Dad's leap year birthday and Adam's quarter century birthday. I cannot wait to celebrate with the family in town and teach them the wonders of snow boots and monstersicles.

Adam's been studying his pants off. Not literally, that'd be embarassing, but figuratively, yes. Lately, he's had a test at least every week and they're always on Mondays and, frankly, I'm getting sick of those stinking tests stealing my husband away! Grr, tests. Back off. At least we still have our supper times where we sit at the dinner table and play chess like big nerds. (We are.)


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

When my hubby was going to school for his MBA, I ate raisin bran by myself every night or a can of baked beans because he was NEVER home. He worked full time and went to school full time. At least you have the chess supper time....even if it is rather "geeky". Glad those days are o-v-e-r. It seems eons ago now.....just me and my beans or bran. Ahhh to be 25 again.........

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Make sure you splurge and take your mom skitching for a pepperoni ball while she is there. Good times!!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

My husband coincidentally got his MBA from the University of Texas also.....shortly after he got popped in the noggin. I don't miss TX though. Lived there for 2 years.....guess I am biased due to the "being popped in the noggin"....not me, the hubby.

Lora said...

ONE MORE WEEK & Erie here we come! Looking forward to seeing our "Baby" & her hubby!

austin&robyn said...

yay bday for adam. miss ya'll. how's the first winter? its pretty nasty out here.

Anonymous said...
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Danny Lucas said...

The posting by Duran to hit WARNING or the word HERE is the fastest way to allow virus and / or spyware into your computer.

Camille, delete that asap.
My spyware and antivirus are in a keen race to stop the damage now.

Best regards,
Danny Lucas

Danny Lucas said...

Thanks for the removal, Camille.
I hate to clean on Sunday. This time, it was worth the effort.

I got the IP when I was captured.
The predator became prey.

Best regards,
Danny Lucas

kjsonntag said...

the adventure is worth it.

freakface said...

Hang in there. Winter can be tough around here, especially in February when it seems like it will NEVER end. However, it suddenly becomes Spring and then it's all good.

Have you gone skiing (cross-country or downhill) yet? Have you gone to Frontier park for a sledding adventure?

Up until a couple of years ago when I rediscovered skiing, January and February were just brutal for me. Now they're just an excuse to go spray some powder.

Anyway, it's almost over.