Happy Fat Tuesday

Hola! Today, at work, we had interviews. I give tours on interview days and I think I missed the job for me. I think I should be a tour guide somewhere, like one of those gondalas (spelling?) in Italy. Or maybe I could be a tour guide for those double deckers in London?! Basically I like giving tours because:
1. I hold everyone's attention and they have to listen to me.
2. The interviewers laugh at my lame jokes because they're nervous about being accepted. Score!
3. I can make up an answer and no one knows (I would NEVER do that, okay.....)

Anywhoos, yesterday Adam had a final for his "Core" classes. So, obviously, the Super Bowl was out of the question for Sunday night. Well, last night (Monday night), Buffalo Wild Wings threw a big Superbowl Party for all those med. students! We went for a while and sat in a booth with a few pals. Even though the game was spread across a wall, I couldn't hear over the loud med. students so I missed the commercials. The only one I saw was some lizards doing the "Thriller" dance. Good times.

In conclusion, life is faster than you can say "PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS" ( yep, that's right people- 45 letters; a lung disease caused by breathing in certain particles) so go & seize!


Lora said...

The only reason I am not a doctor is that I cannot spell or pronounce all those diseases!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I want you to bring me the head of the person that has THAT disease....pronto....I need proof!

geeky med students like football?? who knew *evil laugh*

Brooke & Freeland said...

Let me tell you people - I have been on one of these tours given by the famous Camillionare Jennings & I was sold. I was this close to applying at lecom because of it - then I realized there was no way I could go through the MCAT. but you should all go visit Lecom & ask for a tour! Thats fun yall got to celebrate on Monday!

Anonymous said...

you can catch up on the superbowl commercials at myspace.com/superbowl....check out the doritos one and the bridgestone tire one....too funny!!

Ann Miller said...

Okay, words that have lots of consonants (?) and very few vowels make me very nervous!!
Yes, to whoever asked the question, king cakes are very delicious, especially when they are filled with creamy, gushy stuff.
Your true calling must be sales--don't give up on drugs!!