Limited Space!

There is currently a lack of room on my lap for Henry. This belly is taking over and, sweet Henry, poor Sweet Henry, can barely sit through a book on my lap without being toppled off balance by his little brother and falling off his perch.

Room in my lap may be scarce...but there's always room in my heart for my firstborn muffin man.
Awwww, shucks.

I need for Adam to take a current pregnancy belly picture but he is at work...soooo, what are ya gonna do?
Plus, I'm way bigger this time...and less hair-dried/cutely dressed since I'm not working...
thus, not quite as motivated to document. Poor second child.


Lora said...

Sincerely hope "The Other One" won't have his feelings hurt someday!

Olson Family said...

haha totally understand:) I've been saying 'poor second child' for almost 2 years now!!! haha I took Jacob to his 15 month well check and the pediatrician had to tell me Jacob had gotten 2 molars in...I HAD NO IDEA...poor second child:) With Jack I knew teeth count, height, weight, etc at ALL times...with Jacob, he's lucky to have a clean diaper (not really, but you know what I mean) ! :)

The Allen Family said...

You must continue the tradition of taking a picture at nine months pregnant in a bikini in the snow though!! :)