Blueberry face traitor.

We have this picture album of photos of Henry from birth til about 8 months of age or so. Henry wants to look through it. He doesn't say anything except for every picture of Adam, he points to and says, "Dada!"

I'll point to pictures of me and say, "Who is that?"


I'll ask, "Where's Mama?"


So, we'll turn the page and there will be another picture of Henry & Adam.

I think he's been brainwashed.


Lora said...

OH BUT HE LOVES HIS MOMMA BEST!!!! No one quite ever loves you like your son will!

Deb said...

I wonder if God puts it in children to look to their father who is the priest in the home. It is like a magnet drawn to metal. Also, he sees you much more.... I don't know, but I am like your Mom. He LOVES LOVES LOVES his Momma. Just go away for a day and you'd see!

Lindsey said...

Haha I love it. Little stinker!

Anonymous said...

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