Look Ma! I can reach your china cups now!

True Hollywood confession: I literally breathed a sigh of relief, "Yessssss." after putting Henry to bed moments ago.

It's been one of those days.

We played outside for hours and hours. Henry enjoys waiting until we're the furthest point away from the house or car and then decides that he wants me to carry him back. When 28 weeks pregnant....no bueno, friends...no bueno.

He also had a doctor's appointment today. Adam was (and still is) at work but I took him and he decided that the doctor was no bueno, too. And the nurse. And the shot nurses. Everyone was no bueno.

So, after a hot day of fussing and needing to be carried and playing hard outside and running up and down hills and a few serious meltdowns concerning the price of tea in China...I sighed a yessss when I closed the door behind my bathed, fed, jammied baby boy.

But that don't mean I don't love him. And I'm so thankful for tiring, exhausting days with my first-born son. (But I could do without the dramatic tantrums...let's work on that, Henry.)


Lora said...

TOO FUNNY! Bring him down here & Poppa Bob can entertain him. Perhaps he will come home before 7 PM if Henry is here.

Deb said...

All Moms feel like this some days...toddlers are so adorable especially when they are asleep.