SURELY, I am in line for SOME SORT OF AWARD---Mother of the Year --or SOMETHING! Started the day with a brisk walk in the 50 degree weather---OH I LOVE IT! Came home and went to work. Started by cleaning out The frig---FUN! Went from there to working on Baby Dos's nursery. Painted baseboards, re-plastered, touched up paint, cleaned windows, swept and oiled wood floors, to just get started. Then I put up the baby bed----WHILE I SAID A FEW CHOICE WORDS about my SIL who didn't find time to get it done. Went to Target and Baby's R Us and Lowe's. Came home and had blizzard for supper as a reward. Just finished painting the changing table/cabinet for the Baby's Room. READY FOR AN ALEVE AND BED!


lauren and nelson said...

Gee Whiz! Just reading that made me tired and I'm not even pregnant:o)...I think you are officially nesting!

Bethany said...

So funny that your mom posted on your blog, she's too funny. And super duper amazing, what a hard worker. Looking forward to seeing how the nursery turns out!

Deb said...

Ok...just woke up from a Sunday nap and when I read this it wore me out...so back to bed!