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When I posted about Henry's behavior a few weeks ago, several people recommended the book, "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. James Dobson. I had a gift card (thanks Mary Lou!) and went to pick it up on Saturday. I read the first chapter aloud to Adam and we both cackled and giggled so hard. Boys are hilarious- I mean, just some of the stories about boys pushing the limits (i.e. pouring gasoline down a man hole and throwing a match down....just to see what would happen or trying to imitate Tarzan and realizing too late that the rope you tied to the branch before you jumped is longer than the branch's height from the ground...) are crazy.

It's reassuring to know that boys, in general, push their boundaries and climb on everything and jump off of couches and do all that monkey business...Henry is not alone. Believe it or not, this first chapter made me wish for a house full of boys- ruckus and chaos and noise and dirty laundry. I love my wild little man.

"Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable."
-Plato (written over 2,300 years ago)

"As these stories illustrate, one of the scariest aspects of raising boys is their tendency to risk life and limb for no good reason. It begins very early. If a toddler can climb on it, he will jump off it. He careens out of control towards tables, tubs, pools, steps, trees, and streets. He will eat anything and loves to play in the toilet...A boy harasses grumpy dogs and picks up kitties by their ears. His mom has to watch him every minute to keep him from killing himself. He loves to throw rocks, play with fire, and shatter glass..."
-Dr. Dobson

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.
-Psalm 127:3


Lora said...

I have a VOLUME of stories about your two brothers! It takes a FIRM hand at times, but NOBODY loves you quite like your son.

CaseyWiegand said...

love this. love that book!!!!! so fun....cant wait to see what life is like for you with two precious little boys!!!

The Tylers said...

You have inspired me! Going to check it out from the library this afternoon. Thanks Camille.

Anonymous said...

Camille--I came across your blog from a friend of a friends (you know how that goes). I knew Adam at BU and you look familiar too! Anyway, your little boy is so cute! Our son will be 2 in a few weeks and we have loved Bringing Up Boys, but even more so, James Dobsons other book, Dare to Disciplene. I'm about 2/3's finished with it now and am really glad I've read it! Love this age, but at the same time hate it with all the testing/defiance/pushing the limits, etc. Would highly reccomend this book too!

Sarah Carter Starr

The Dugdale Family said...

Camille! So good to hear from you! Henry is precious...we'll have to have a playdate when y'all visit your parents in Ruston. I am NO help with boys, but the book sounds great!