Something Stinky

Today at the playground, I noticed a few flies buzzing around Henry's backside, between his shorts and where his shirt had hiked up as he climbed the equipment.

Hmmm, perhaps something is amiss, eh?

Any other Mom probably would've hightailed it to change her kids' diaper, right? Well, I'd forgotten my diaper bag and so I let him play for 30 more minutes and just pulled his t-shirt down past his belt loops so that the flies couldn't get a whiff of the smell seeping out of Henry's diaper. It didn't seem to bother him but I reaped the rewards of that wise decision once I got to the house to change the aforementioned diaper. Yikes.

All glamour...that's me!


Lindsey said...

Camille your parenting style refreshes me! You are more than "okay" to let kids be kids... whether that means a bit of dirt on the face or a poop butt so you can go down the slide a few more times!

PS- I mean this as a compliment (in case you couldnt tell!)

lauren said...

i love it! henry is just the cutest little man! noah has that rice krispies shirt too:o)...i appreciate your comments on my blog camille! you are such a great mom and i can't wait for pics of baby#2!!!!

CaseyWiegand said...

hilarious! im laughing so hard! why do they always do their business at the park?>!

C and G said...

Ha! that's awesome. love it.

Sarah said...

hysterical. this makes me feel much more normal about my sometimes un-urgent attitude toward stinky diapers.

lindsey said...

Hahaha...love how you improvised by pulling his shirt down. Can't say I haven't done something similar!