Stranger than Fiction

Today, Henry and I are walking into Wegman's and I see these four sassy old ladies get out of their SUV.

Wow, one of them is really tall, I think.

Wait, another one has a huge adam's apple.

Wait. Yes, they are men. There are four cross-dressing old men walking into Wegman's in front of me. At 11 a.m. In Erie.

Oddly enough, one has legs that I would kill for.

Then, I get into Wegman's and there are two news teams in the produce section filming (unrelated to the cross-dressers, presumably). So, I walk really slowly behind them sniffing and sizing fruits and vegetables. You may see me on the news in a gray sweater.

1 comment:

Lora said...

I would rather be shot at daybreak than be on the news! Guess we know where you got that gene from!