Things That Make You Go, Huh?

When my mom visited, we rented movies to watch after Henry was asleep at night. We hadn't really watched any movies since he was born (besides Harry Potter 6...yesssss). And we realized, hey! Watching movies is fun! So Sunday night, Adam & I rented Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen from the Red Box (fantastic invention, that Red Box, eh?) Anywhoos, it was right up Adam's alley but I had a hard time keeping the Transformer Robots straight. Who just got punched? Which bad guy is that? Or is it a good guy? I'm confused. I feel that the transformers should have more distinguishing marks.
Okay, rant over.

Now, we are watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (I am the best wife. Ever. Just kidding.) This movie is weird. If I was an X-Men, I'd want to be able to be invisible and apparate and disapparate. And also, the ability to sing really well. And, the ability to have an awesome British accent. And the ability to go to Hogwarts.

It's silly o'clock at the Jennings.


Olson Family said...

good good wife. erik will not be reading this:)

Corinne said...

Have you seen the other X-Men movies? I agree, this one is the weirdest. And I really like what your list of abilities!!

Lorraine said...

Those are exactly the X-Men qualities I would want, too! Red Box (and netflix) are amazing.