Turkey Day Approaches & Ta-Ta

This year, the three of us will be staying in good ol' Erie for Thanksgiving. Due to Adam's rotation schedule, we were unable to make it down to Texas (sad) but we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with 8 other friends (happy!) at our house. It is a nice, low-pressure hosting gig- the 8 other guests are bringing food and Brooke & Freeland are even handling the turkey (yippee!)

I made my Mom's bestest Thanksgiving dish tonight (spinach madeline) and froze it for Thursday. It was the first time that I'd made it and I have a new appreciation for her cooking my favorite dish every holiday (thanks, Mom!)

Thanks for all the advice about Henry biting my ta-ta's during nursing sessions. I am hoping that we can survive this era and I can keep on until his first birthday!


Lora said...

You are quite welcome. It was always a joy to see you enjoy it SO much. As we were eating Mammaw B's dressing yesterday, we were laughing about you probably having "STUFFING" this year. Those Yankees don't know they are being deprieved until they have cornbread dressing!

C and G said...

Good luck with the nursing! I hope it works out for you guys. I'll have to get some tips if C's teeth ever come in...