Plane Facts

I know that I'm late on this, but I am loving reading all the editorials about the San Jose mom and her 2-year old son who were kicked off the Southwest flight when he was too noisy. I know that no one likes hearing a yelling child and I haven't had a toddler yet but as the mom of a six-month old, when Henry is fussy, I'm more stressed out than anyone else. Also, I don't fly with Henry for pleasure...we have to fly to go see his grandparents and I am working my pants off trying to entertain him. I almost always have had people extend uncommon courtesy towards us when we are flying (offering first class seats even!) and I really appreciate that. I don't know what traveling with a toddler will be like but so far, I've seen lots of gracious folks when Henry and I are in the sky.


The Allen Family said...

Amen Sister!!! Addy has gotten so loud lately and so I am hoping I don't have to fly with her for a long time!!! Then we will probably have to give her some special medicine! : )

Marylou said...

Yikes! Shows you how out of it I am...I hadn't even heard about this one! I am right there with you with the flying thing- you are always praying that your child will behave!!