Back in the Saddle

Currently in my google search bar is the following phrase:

How many calories Dairy Queen blizzard.

My husband typed it in last night. (You don't want to know the answer). Honestly, it's the kind of information of which I'd rather remain oblivious. I mean, where is the enjoyment in a DQ Oreo blizzard (add cookie dough, please) if you are thinking...wow, this is 7 miles worth of running shot to hell in a frosty cup!

A couple of months ago, I began a food journal- you may remember, I vowed to record every calorie that I put into my mouth. A friend of mine said that she could never do something like that- she would become too OCD and then become annorexic.

I don't have that problem. See, I am of the opposite mentality...the slowly slide off of the wagon grouping. Oh, sure I'll keep up with it for a while and then BAM, a festive weekend of eating occurs and then I lose momentum and gain 10 pounds. Until the next time that I recommit, which is now (sorta). Oh, how I miss the days of my (earlier) youth where I could starve myself for a day and lose 7 lbs. Those were good times.

Alas, it appears that you have to change your lifestyle (booo) and, for me, the main issue is trying not to eat as much as my 200 pound husband. I have quickly learned that I can easily eat the calories that I burn off through exercise, thus, I must learn moderation. To enjoy food but not eat massive quantities at supper. To have some chocolate...maybe just not at every meal.

So, here we go again...unless someone has a magic pill. Anyone? Anyone?


C and G said...

I think I fall into the 'just don't tell me how many calories are in that' category...
so I can go ahead and consume it.


Marylou said...

No good can come of knowing how many calories are in a Blizzard. I've been ruined on Double doozies from the Cookie company that way!

And, um...can you tell I have a sugar problem? So I feel your pain.

lisa said...

hey, i say train for a marathon.... then you can eat whatever you want and you still drop weight. it's awesome... besides the fact that i have to fun 35 miles a week. :) but, i love sweets so i feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

You have hit the mark. I like this thought, I completely with you agree.