Sick Baby + Fall Weather

Adam is goofy.

Henry is sick. But babies don't like to have their noses or faces wiped. This results in Henry having boogers crusted to his nose a lot of the day.

Our thermometer is so slow, painfully slow. And I refuse to do it the rectal-way, so I'm jamming it in his armpit and pinning his arm down while I order Adam to dance around and sing in order to distract Henry while the digital temperature slowly climbs. So, we bought one of those head slide-y thermometers. It took us a while, but I think we get it now.

Adam starts Pediatrics tomorrow in Ashtabula. We had the perfect fall weekend before his new rotation starts- gorgeous weather. We put up lights on two of our trees in our front yard. We walked. We sat on a blanket in the back yard. We went to Asbury Woods. Milking this extended fall for all it is worth.


Lora said...

POOR Henry, he looks "Weak Eyed"!

@TempleTouchMom said...

So sorry to hear that your little one is sick. How do I get a new thermometer to you?