Expecto Halloweeno!

Harry Potter cracks a joke with Paulie Bleeker. Yowza, Harry is hot. 

Friday night, Sarah & Drew threw a rockin' Halloween party. Complete with good food, Catch Phrase, ghost stories, and s'mores.

S'mores, Paulie & Juno, Harry & Hermoine, Dog & Busty, Hunchback & Esmerelda, Self-Absorbed & William Wallace

Some of the gals at the party. 
(L to R:  Top row.  Brooke-Juno, Camille- Hermoine, Bethany- Dog's wife, Jamie (half a s'more  Bottom Row.  Sarah as Esmeralda from the Hunchback, Christie as self-absorbed) 

Harry Potter (complete with scar) and Hermoine. We love Hogwarts!

Me casting a spell on Adam.  (Note my partially unzipped pencil skirt.  Baby is growing!) 

Sarah's incredible decorations. Watch out, Martha!

Telling spooky stories by the fire outside.

Best costumes of the night: Bethany & Josh as Dog the Bounty Hunter & his large-busted wife

Brooke & Freeland as Juno and Paulie Bleeker

William Wallace. Leading his countrymen towards a rockin' Halloween. 

Quasimodo tends the fire for us.  Back to the bell tower!  

We had a fun Halloween!  Much better than last year's huge disappointment.  Speaking of, shockingly, we did have a few trick-or-treaters before we headed to the party.  Glad we remembered to get a bag of candy.  Hooray!


Our Family said...

I am impressed that you are still able to fit into a pencil skirt!!! You are soooo cute pregnant!!

Bethany said...

Yo! The Bounty Hunter's wife's gotta name too you know. Her name is Beth.

Just kidding, kind of. You just don't mess with the Dog....or his wife.

adrian seney said...

Y'all are funny!

Brooke & Freeland said...

Fun!! Cute pictures too.. Im glad you got everyone. And I didnt know yall got some trick or treaters!! How fun! Hope ya had a great rest of the weekend..

Hannah Lee said...

I love Hermoine. She is so bossy but just so cute all at the same time. Suits you well Camille....hehe jk! Yall looked precious!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Have you heard of "belly bands"?? I would think w/all your pregnant friends someone would have told you. You can wear all your regular clothes if you use these.

go to expectingcomfort.com

seriously, invest in one or two

freakface said...

Ah, crap. We forgot to bring the dogs over for their Powers bouncy treat. And we forgot to bring The Brood over to take your candy.

Anonymous said...